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Friday, October 27th, 2006
11:36 am
i hate everyone. for real.
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
9:52 pm
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
5:16 pm
im new to the community
brett parenteau is a huge ass faggot
hes slept with over 30 girls
hes a fucking loser who cant graduate
what a peice of shit
i hope he fucking chokes and dies
he also decided it would be alright to date my ex girlfriend after we had just broken up
youre an awesome friend you cock sucking queer
im going to kick the shit out of him
its going to be awesome
hopefully its not bloody because i dont want AIDS
i hate scumbags
comment if you fucking hate brett and think hes a woman raping scumbag peice of shit
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
12:10 am
i still hate everyone.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
2:46 pm
so i'm bored and decide to look on myspace for a while. i have found what i am sure are some of the dumbest people ever. but here are links, you can decide for yourself. this started from accidently clicking on some dude on amanda's page and it just snowballed from there.

adding "izzle" to words doesn't make you snoop dogg.


he plays "drumbs" and listens to "cuntry"

besides being generally stupid, i can't put my finger on why i can't stand this girl. possibly her mole and the way it keeps switching which side of her face it's on.

could we possibly need more info on her? and she's in band camp. 'nuff said.

there were way more but i won't subject you to them all.
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
5:41 pm
so ladies night is set for this saturday. call me if you need more information.
Sunday, September 4th, 2005
9:11 pm

missile tits has a myspace and all of you who know who i am talking about obviously need to look at it.
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
2:37 pm
ladies night... sept 10... which is next saturday. i will also contact all of you individually so you better try to make it.
Monday, August 29th, 2005
8:18 pm
Ok, I'll make this a bit easier, and give you guys my class schedual.

1:00 - 4:50, 6:00 - 8:50

10:30 - 11:50

Same as Monday...

10:30 - 11:50, 6:00 - 8:50


So, I never really have to wake up too early for class.

I got a call back for a job at Shaws, and I have an interview on Thursday....we'll see how that goes.
3:01 pm
ok ok there have been requests for a ladies night. here is the problem... i kept asking for dates and you know what, no one really commited to any and now miss seana is in college and trying to get a job which makes her days and nights very busy and seeing as though the night in question is supposed to be held at her house it now makes things difficult.

comment back to me with ANY NIGHTS you are free in the near future. if everyone has atleast one night in common i will work out some way for us to all get together. this is my LAST ATTEMPT at working this out for a while because i have other shit i need to get rolling on as well. if no one bothers to comment then i'm not bothering to try to get everyone together any time soon until my shit is in order. so let's go ladies.
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
8:01 pm
a ladies night is in order.
give me a date within the next two weeks.
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
2:56 pm
Hey I just found out that I wont be able to go the 12th or 13th. I know, I know, its stupid and keeps getting pushed back.

However I can do the following friday or saturday ( 19th or 20th )
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
9:18 pm
ok girls, so miss amanda says august 12th or 13th would work best for her for another ladies night. let me know which night works best for everyone.
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
12:02 pm
welp... im pretty sure only people that sleep with someone after twenty minutes of hanging out with them are the scum of the earth, but i could be wrong. and also, that is pretty lame that you would pounce all over your "friend's" boyfriend the second that they break up just so you can feel wanted. no one wants a slut.. you cant trust them and you certainly cant respect them.

so have fun with your disgusting lifestyle.

in the end all that you will be left with is a loose vag and probably an std or two.
Friday, July 8th, 2005
5:27 pm
dear city of manchester and anyone that drives below the speed limit in manchester or any city for that matter,

fuck you a holez! i have places to go and people to see so put your foot down on the gas pedal and accelerate! those white signs with the big black "30"s on them are telling you the speed limit and i dont see a 15 anywhere in there. GHAAHAHGHHGHHH!
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
6:21 pm
Friday, June 17th, 2005
1:44 pm
so my dad took my car away and i've just now been told that im not getting it back.

sooooo i have no idea how i would be getting to ladies night and this is making me very upset!

call for suggestions. 315-9643
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
5:51 pm
I don't think I'm going to make it to ladies night.....

Monday, June 6th, 2005
7:08 pm
so the 18th is final for ladies night since that seems to be when everyone can make it. if you make other plans i will punch you in the mouth. leave a comment saying if you're coming so a list can be made and get in touch with me or seana if you need directions or some shit.
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
10:31 pm
the weekend of ladies night i will actually be at my dads house which means i have a good shot of going out.
the only thing is, i dont have a ride from work in nashua and i would need to be back in merrimack the next afternoon for a powers get-together. if anyone can pick me up and bring me back ill give you gas money!
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